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Track Name: Spill
We’re all damned
Left to pillage
For there’s a flood upon us now
Say you’ve got a plan
Everybody’s got a plan
So go and hang your wishful thinking out
And if your love digs you a hole, if it falls aimlessly out of control
I’ll let you spill open my skull cause there’s no saving us from what we sow
Cheap sedation to adore
Well, I’ve chewed the scenery down to the bone
You’re an open wound
You’re the only one that never closes
Sweet dilation takes it’s toll
You’re a crooked smile
My incandescent glow
You’re the open wound that never closes
As you pulled back your bow
(I should’ve known)
and spilled open my skull
(We’d all die alone, die alone)
You are the name beside my tomb
You are a voice from another room always singing
that there’s no saving us from what we sow
Track Name: Every Pain In Monochrome
You buried your veil and laid in the mire
Glorified in iodine
All the while, half asleep the whole time
Circulation gets cut off from the knots that you tie
You lose count of the days as it kills you from the inside
The colors run and leave your pain exposed
Every layer monochrome, dull in the shine.
You feel the weight but can’t atone
Abandon your pride
As if your body belonged to the sea, all the air escapes from your lungs,
There is a fever in your blood,
Your pockets full of stones, a porcelain touch
You saw this coming, it felt like home
It felt like all of your walls crumbling
Track Name: Coat
There’s no warmth in you anymore
Now the lining in my coat stays torn
But what makes you so god damn cold, so cavalier?
Must’ve slipped into your veins
Got blinded by the fire
Chasing ambient light.
I saw myself coming undone
I saw myself come undone as I collected all the shrapnel of you in me
Standing on the edge you we’re heavy eyed
Sleep comes in figure eights, a permanent flux
The kind that drowns you alive in downpours of temporary love
And it suits me just fine,
Even if it never fills me up inside, I’ll make it work
I want your pain if it’s too much
I want your worst
So much it hurts
For what it’s worth it's all decadent fun and we’ll never learn
Swallowed a gun; the room starts to turn
Track Name: The Floorboards Are Breathing
You pulled the hammer from the cupboard
In the Sunday best you’d wear.
You spoke your vows into a bottle
Stalked his footsteps up the stairs
There’s no living in the present
We are alive beyond repair
Blanking at your own reflection
Despondent as you stare
You pulled the hammer from the cupboard
Filled your ashtray up with prayer
You hid your bruises in the plaster
with a brand new cross to bear
Pour your heart across the floorboards, too broken to care.
Your hands, they trembled
Clutched around your ticket out
There’s no of resemblance of the face you used to know.
So pour your heart across the floorboards, too broken to care.
Nails, nails, nails everywhere.
Track Name: Tape
Heard you confess from the window ledge
Your tenth floor apartment, the neighbors played dead
Into a tape recorder you declared, “I dreamt this up, I watched you all disappear”
A shrine in my brain
It, it felt all the same
You haunt me in ways I can not explain
Spitting up your blood ’til my body floats
“Everything’s fine”, I laughed through the choke
A vanishing act, giving up your ghost
If only the ground could soften the blow
In the moment you lost your grip
to the tempo of the ambulance lights flashing
You made your peace with the sun, with sun, with the sun
There’s something in the way you moved
There’s something in the way you moved
Heard you confess from the corners of my head
You made your bed but nothing grew
A message warped, plays out of tune.
Track Name: Infinity & Gloom
We fled to the river on our funeral day, naked in our self-defeat.
Uprooted all the flowers, we burned the clothes we couldn’t take
We threw our bodies to the rocks below and prayed to God
but God looked the other way
There’s a pill at the bottom that we swallow every day
And our love is an orphanage where the children have no names
As I pulled you out from the water, reborn in the mud
I died in the bloom of nothing sacred
I opened my arms and painted you and me as crooked shapes.
The final touch; I ate my heart out ’til my stomach ached
Perched on the tip of your tongue yet still I want the taste when you say,
“Oh, inevitable doom!”
Such beautiful gloom
My infinite you
Our infinite blue.
Track Name: A Reverie In Mass Transit
We couldn’t stay awake
Counting from one hundred
Complete strangers in the windows of a train headed for derailment
“Man, what a pitiful dream..” you turned and said to me
“I swear to God I could hear static in their screams, their faces cut from magazines”
A makeshift identity pulsing like a cable release
Handprints waving on the station tile remind us of existence.
We play hostage to the glow, burying our heads in the feed
Throw us to the jaws of our own device
Throw us to the jaws of our own device
Throw us to the jaws of our own device
Now we laugh at our despair
Shaking on display for a crowd
“Watch me now as I am mangled by the dogs
Go on, take your cameras out”
Your pick-me-up; I drown
Your pick-me-up; I drown
We couldn’t find a way out of this pollution
Our days are numbered, scratched into the paint
Full disintegration
“Man, what a pitiful dream” you turned and said to me
“I swear to God I could I hear static as they screamed”
“Is anybody listening?”
Track Name: Lambs to the Chapel
“God how I ricochet between certainties and doubts”*
Prey upon the weak as if you were godless
We butcher and bear witness
Come pray.
It’s not enough grief
Praise the crutch from the arms of your redeemer
I’m you’re miracle strung on a rope
Cancer plagues the well from which you drink
Worship in the filth of a new disease
Worship in the clay I seed
Feral martyrs in heat
Come sink your teeth into me
I shepherd the poor like lambs to the chapel
Reveling in the dogma and geist
You’ll never take me alive, feed me to the fire
All and nothing less by the book I prescribe
Hunt down the flock for the meat
There is no hope, no cure.
Track Name: Passengers of Youth
A shot point blank in the heart
You moved right through me
As we wiped the earth clean off the marital beds we never knew.
You said goodbye cruel world and kissed me in the cemetery
Passengers of youth, bicycles drifting through.
Eyes shut tight and fearless of the crash.
Can I die in your company and rest my head right here?
Hunter, you’re a fiction of the times.
Guiding like a beam of light
Hell will never claim us, nor the color of your eyes
contain the brightness of the moon exploding in the sky
In a world that is blind, somehow we collided
To die by your side
Same time, next life
Your hand, slow ride.
Track Name: Ann Liv Young
You are a picture of a room with no people in it
and there is rot behind the walls,
and the bulbs have long died out
You are a moment in my mind, played out in perfect harmony
But the needle misaligns and your words never quite add up
Small talk with no recollection of the ones you’ve lost
A letterhead without a name
The buzzing of the vacancy sign, sings until you’re comatose
An empty bed pressed with your silhouette and tessellated accidents
(Unwinding, unwinding)
A circle on a map with no address, a tear in you that widens in degrees.
(Unwinding, unwinding)
But I digress, I digress, I digress
(Unwinding, unwinding)
Please, forget me.
Oh you’re a mess I’m can not mend
And I’m running out of thread
Now we’re fading by the law of diminishing regrets
Nothing brings you back
You’re a date and time I penned on the inside of my hand
too weathered to make sense of.
Forget me.
Track Name: Starve
We’re divine animals
Carve the fringe in the hide
Your love, tasted cheap
And it pulls me in tight
A malevolent fashion
You’re caught in my throat
How could this happen?
Who could’ve known?
Skin me down
Starve me out
Wear me around

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