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Quiet World

by Gatherers

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released July 31, 2015

Written & Produced by Gatherers
Recorded by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios in Bayonne, NJ
Mixed by Brad Wood at Seagrass Studio in Valley Village, CA
Mastered by Joe Laporta at Sterling Sound in New York, NY
Additional vocals by Jon Ferretti, Lisa Zalenski & Karsten Barabas



all rights reserved


Gatherers Bayonne, New Jersey

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Track Name: God Deluxe
Pass it down the frequencies
Carved initials on the pipebomb
or you could kill yourself
complacently liberated on a chain

Where is your contingency?
Where is your relief?
Dig your hands into the ground.
Bring us back to sleep.

Strip it down,

Buy it up

We combust.

Give us blood

Size it up

God deluxe.

Sell your faith
Strange we meet this way
You barter love in lieu of our trust
Superstitious days

Load up your gun and let the shake of your grip break.
Dig your hands into the ground.
Strange we meet this way.
Board it up
Load your gun.

Superstitious days.
Track Name: Tired Hands
It fell from heaven on an anchor
Dragged our love to the sea
I fought a wave of hesitation
to keep reminding myself to breath
The world is sinking into me and through it
it’s all too exhausting

So retreat from all the years we don’t have or carry on

There’s an old fire in your chest and it does a violent dance

I can’t keep fighting your battles when my patience is spent

What’s the point in finding balance if you never make amends

and we all die in our struggles with the same tired hands?

Put your beliefs in the ground and let your love run amok.

We choose distractions over sleep
and find no answers in between
I feel defeated and bruised but I’ll learn to make do
Before I find myself as fragile as you,
knowing all these years will put you in a grave

Knowing all these years that I don’t have the heart to bear.
Track Name: Crows
We built this congress on a burial plot
We send our love to the tune of an atom bomb
We’re the calm and collected
We’re the diseased percentage
Marching your children to the beat of an empty oil drum

Stay sedated

What is mine is never yours
There’s no progress only cheap imitation
We’re not so different, we’re just cheap imitations
Where we draw our water is where we bury our dead
Leave us out to wander
Everyday, everywhere is hell

You’ll never know
You won’t hear it coming
You won’t hear it coming
You won’t hear us come in.
No, no, no

Tied your body up and dragged you down.
Hung you from the capital for crows to come and tear you apart.
Track Name: Assembly
In the city sun
we all bow and scrape for days as the rats congregate

What good am I to you, if I can’t sell you your beliefs?
What good am I to you, if I can’t purge you on a dime?
When all you ever do is bargain your repentance two for five

Wait, tell me you’re listening
Tell me that we’re doing well
and we’re all invisible.
Say that you wear us proud
Drown us in demise.

In this ocean of chemical noise
There are no miracles, only ticker tape.
Live from a bomb shelter
Resurrect and celebrate.

What good am I to you, if we keep talking in circles?
We send distress calls to heaven,
A red light on repeat.

Day after day this world grows colder,
so passive and forced
cruel and calculated
so 1984

Everyone, everywhere
Shed yourselves of everything and gather in the street
We’re falling to pieces
We’re so pulled apart and we fight with no purpose.
We’re all disassembled from the start
And on the day we die,
We’ll ascend into heaven to a sign on the door
“back in five”
Track Name: You Are Motel Royalty
You wear a heavier crown
You charm a really big crowd
But in the loudest rooms you find no sympathy.

Fake it til you choke on your regrets

Now put your cigarette down and fill your words with doubt
to a hollowed out motel room bible.

You’re played out
You’re a stray to be put down

Oh, we’ve come to watch you drown in misunderstanding
and you think you wear it proud.
Oh, we’ve come to watch you drown
So save us your complex
We’ve known what you’re about.

We are all alone, fading together.
Track Name: Ritual Flowers
Lay down your skin
and let us in.

What comforts the sheep on the night before the slaughter?

What’s to believe?
What’s to hold on to?

You drag the weight with blistering skin
A deafening calm buried the lake.
The silver tarnished to black and you’re greener by the day
Put on your mask and follow me down through the roots and the crop Pass the torch in silent exchange

Hands pulling you under a ritual fade.
Lay your flowers by the pyre, give your eyes to the trees –

You are the rope and I am the chair beneath.
Track Name: Modern Arts of the Hospice House
In desperate times your indifference will slowly cripple you
like cholera.

Decimate and shiver til you're grey

I wanna lie in your bed and ‘X’ out the days
Until your waves crash
Until your frame snaps
You’ll say
“It’s all okay; I want you to cave in with me”

Miles away and in between
It’s all the same,
subtle dying.
You lie awake, forget to breathe
It’s all the same, constant fighting.

Infect us with a hope you can’t deprive
In this worldwide quarantine
In this homeless shelter we struck up a slow dance.

A cold empty cup in the shiver of your hand
drags along a wired fence
I laid in your bed today, rusting away.
I felt the same.

The subtle dying.
Track Name: Q U I E T W O R L D
Morning ruptures.
Snow-like it descends.
Let our children be reborn
in a field of gold and diminishing napalm.
Existence on a kite string, delicate and calm
We run aimlessly forever
Let our children be reborn on the day after the war.
Track Name: A Recluse (on 8mm Film)
You laid your body on the ground as you said
You’ll find no peace in the Earth,
So you’d rather play dead than be remembered
You poured another to fight the rain the and cold at your window.
Come in and waste away with me
Momentary fall from your balcony
Our bodies on the concrete, we’re all tributary kill
For the worms to feed.

My slow decay
My super eight.


We put our lives on display to watch them come undone
frame by frame.
Track Name: Television
I’ve seen a million different people, the same routine
Are you just caught up in some memory?
Pull the knife from one another
Mistook you for some enemy

You don’t have to be so cold,
Some paper heart that quietly unfolds
when all you feel is terrible

We dance upon the lives we take
We dance upon the lives we take
We dance upon the lives we take

Televise the love we fake.
Televise the love we fake.
Televise the love we fake.

There has to be something more in your bones.
Track Name: Songs for a Dead Banner
So who’s to blame?
When it’s in your blood, too much to brave
You can count your blessings only for so long
Until they all feel the same
A new religion under a banner
You can’t foster love
You preach division and there’s nothing sadder
You’re allegiant all the same
But I want to be somebody
I want to be your human bomb
I want to be somebody
I want to bleed American
Lead us to shelter
Lead us to air
Feed us the cancer
Manufacture the cure
Your status quo upon a cross
You sport our lives on a crown
In this quiet world, who will save us?
Who will pray for me?
It’s all backwards.
Long live our sadness on a flag –
If it’s all a crippling fear, if it’s all a fever dream
You won’t find us anymore
We’ve pulled apart all the seams.
The same blood.
The same dreams.
Tell your kids to die with me.